Computer Systems

Take the pain out of purchasing Computer Systems for your business, our long standing relationships with leading suppliers globally, enable us to supply Desktop, Server, Laptop, Netbook & Tablet Computers at competative rates.

Services we offer include:

  • Pre-installation and configuration of your preferred SOE on your new or existing computer systems.
  • Build and deploy servers.
  • Migrate existing physical servers to private or public cloud infrastructure.
  • Migrate existing Windows 2000, XP, Vista 7 & 8 to Linux Desktops and Servers.
  • Bulk document conversion between Microsoft and Open Document formats.
  • Data Recovery from broken Windows Systems.
  • Virtualisation of Desktop Infrastructure and Thin Client Computing / Re-purpose Legacy PCs.
  • Virtualisation of Server Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud solutions.
  • Offsite / Remote / Cloud backup services.

Finance Options

We can advise you on the best options for saving your capital and maximising your tax benefits when purchasing / leasing computer systems.

We make all Operating Systems work together image.

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