About Us

CoVirtual.Net Pty Ltd is an Australian proprietary limited company providing clients with the very best products and services available to the Business and Information industries.

All of Development and Engineering staff are from Australia and the Philippines, our clients benefit from their expertice and experience in Systems Engineering and Software Development.

Our Architects, Analysts and Consultants are from Australia and New Zealand with more than 100 years of combined Enterprise, Business, Information Systems, Technology and Integration Architecture experience, and through continuous education, keep up with the latest in Information Systems Development Methodologies and Technology Platforms

Services we offer include:

  • Enterprise Systems, Strategy and Planning consultancy.
  • Business Transformation consultancy.
  • Data, Applications and Technology consultancy.
  • Systems (Data and Applications) Development.
  • Integration and Migration.
  • Data Modeling, Management, Big Data, No-SQL and conventional Relational Database management.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions
  • Cloud Computing, Data-centre and on premises infrastructure provisioning and management.
  • Disaster Recovery, Offsite / Remote / Cloud backup services.
  • Assisting Businesses to enter the Digital age by transforming paper systems to online internal and public internet applications, online ordering and shopping solutions.

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